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Aperimax, is a Valencian company leader in the nuts sector. We are committed to the tradition and quality of our nuts, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Since 1982 we have been delighting the most exclusive palates with the most select products. In Aperimax, we have the best quality nuts, so you can enjoy all the pleasure in addition to taking care of your health.
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    Pol. Ind. Oeste. C/ Beniteixir, 15 - 46714 Palmera (Valencia) ESPAÑA

    Tel.: +34 962875385

    e-mail: aperimax@aperimax.com


    Aperimax line

    Aperimax high quality nuts

    APERIMAX it is a line of quality and healthy nuts. Their nutritional benefits and properties improve people’s lives. They are also recognized and valued by food professionals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    APERIMAX products, are aimed at people who care about their health. They Aperimax have the energy value and nutritional input needed to practice sports or activities related to the Healthy movement.

    Frutos secos | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad


    Aperimax offers you a great variety of the best selection of our nuts, so you can enjoy the quality without giving up the care of your health.

    Frutas desecadas | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad

    Dried fruits

    Sweeten your life in the most natural way. You can choose between the diversity of our dried fruits of great freshness and with all the most traditional flavor.

    Frutas deshidratadas | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad

    Dehydrated fruits

    Dehydrated fruits provide energetic value and great benefits for our health. They keep all their nutrients and it’s easy to transport and taste at any time.

    frutos secos caramelizados


    Delicious dried fruits covered with a thin layer of caramel. These fruits are very beneficial to activate the mind and reduce cholesterol.

    Chocolateados | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad


    Small pleasures direct to the palate, for the most exquisite tastes. Covered fruits with a thin layer of chocolate and cocoa powder.

    Cremas | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad


    Soft and delicate textures with an intense flavor. You can choose between different varieties, natural or cocoa. For the entire family.