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Aperimax, is a Valencian company leader in the nuts sector. We are committed to the tradition and quality of our nuts, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Since 1982 we have been delighting the most exclusive palates with the most select products. In Aperimax, we have the best quality nuts, so you can enjoy all the pleasure in addition to taking care of your health.
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    Pol. Ind. Oeste. C/ Beniteixir, 15 - 46714 Palmera (Valencia) ESPAÑA

    Tel.: +34 962875385

    e-mail: aperimax@aperimax.com


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    Aperimax’s future

    Tanya and Laura, who started loading and unloading vans, drove wheelbarrows and learned to fry and toast from very young, have taken over the management of the family business, Aperimax, at the beginning of 2016.

    Accustomed from girls to develop between almonds, walnuts and pistachios, the professional curriculum of the sisters Tanya and Laura Amor is necessarily linked to Aperimax, the family company dedicated to the production and marketing of gourmet nuts.

    Tanya is an expert in sales, especially in the foreign sector, which already represents the 85% of business figures of this innovative agro-alimentary industry with production plant in Palmera (La Safor).

    Laura is responsable of carrying the accounts of a society whose family succession has been as fast as effective.

    Both are committed to offering their customers a quality product, healthy and with great flavor, continuing with the values and legacy that their father left them.

    International projection

    In spite of its local origin, the company, directed today by the daughters of the founder of Aperimax has achieved a strong international projection (present in various countries of Europe and the US) thanks to its commitment to specialization:

    • High quality nuts.
    • Naturally treated.
    • No additives.
    • No preservatives.
    • Competitive prices.

    In these markets, the company is consolidated as a reference mark. Customers especially appreciate their quality and fulfillment of the processes and sanitary requirements. All of this makes the nuts of Aperimax an excellent product that gourmet dealer include in the most select establishments.

    Obrero almendras | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad

    APERIMAX, 100% gluten free

    The toasting process is made with rice flour of the highest quality. This toasting process ensures that our products are 100% Gluten free. A new added value of the nuts Aperimax, totally suitable for celiacs.

    Aperimax hoy | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad

    A clean and natural process

    The frying process is done with the best Sunflower oil, high oleic content fully controlled and renewed when control of the polar oil compounds require it. This detail is essential to achieve the unique quality and flavor of the nuts Aperimax.

    Aperimax hoy | Aperimax, frutos secos de calidad

    Sustainable waste management

    Aperimax, makes the difference to the Manage waste in a sustainable way, Guaranteeing our environmental policy in each and every phase of elaboration of our nuts. Quality products committed to the environment.