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Aperimax, is a Valencian company leader in the nuts sector. We are committed to the tradition and quality of our nuts, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Since 1982 we have been delighting the most exclusive palates with the most select products. In Aperimax, we have the best quality nuts, so you can enjoy all the pleasure in addition to taking care of your health.
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    Pol. Ind. Oeste. C/ Beniteixir, 15 - 46714 Palmera (Valencia) ESPAÑA

    Tel.: +34 962875385

    e-mail: aperimax@aperimax.com



    Our packaging

    In Aperimax, we have different types of packaging of excellent quality to preserve the nuts and to maintain all its properties.

    All our packaging follow rigorous processes of quality and low modified atmosphere. Of great versatility so you can choose the packaging that suits your needs.


    We have various formats and weight for bags, packed under quality controls and modified atmosphere.

    Aperimax black small plastic bag:
    Bag supermarkets-stores from 100 to 250gr.

    Bag supermarkets-stores from 80 to 150gr.

    Aperimax medium plastic bag:
    Hotel Stock Exchange from 600gr to 1 kg.

    Macoa large plastic bag:
    Bulk bag from 3 to 5 kg.


    Our plastic packaging are perfect for packing and transporting our nuts in a safe and comfortable way. Hinged tubs (PET) and plastic buckets with cover of different formats and capacities.

    Small SQUARE plastic terrine with hinge:
    Tub (PET) from 100 to 250gr.

    ROUNDED small plastic bucket with lid (MINITUBS):
    Plastic bucket with lid from 80 to 120 gr.

    Medium SQUARE plastic bucket with lid:
    Family Cube from 500gr to 1.3 kg.

    Big ROUNDED plastic bucket with lid:
    HORECA hub from 3 to 5 kg.


    Glass is the best container to maintain any type of food. The transparency of the glass, brings higher quality to see perfectly the contents of the jar without having to open it. We have several formats in glass to preserve our nuts.

    NEW!! Glass jar Lupins:
    400gr glass jar lupins.

    Glass jar JUAN AMOR:
    Jar Crystal Collection author Juan Amor from 70 to 100gr.