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Aperimax, is a Valencian company leader in the nuts sector. We are committed to the tradition and quality of our nuts, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Since 1982 we have been delighting the most exclusive palates with the most select products. In Aperimax, we have the best quality nuts, so you can enjoy all the pleasure in addition to taking care of your health.
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Dried fruits


Dried fruits

Dried fruits are a product that is obtained by drying processes to various special fruits, which are prone to these procedures. The moisture content in the body of the fruit is reduced to reach 20% of its weight. This process has two purposes: increase preservation and reinforce its flavor.
In Aperimax we have different varieties of dried fruits:



Dried apricots


Goji Berries


The grapes go through a meticulous drying and dehydration processes, obtaining a sweet fruit with a very distinctive taste.
We have the following varieties:

Sultanas raisins

Seedless raisins Jumbo

Uses and consumption


Breads and pastries

Salad dressing


Like grapes, our plums pass through different drying processes. Plums keep all their nutrients and make them a food with very little fat and a very effective energy power.

Plum passes with bone

Plum passes without bone

Uses and consumption

Compotes and Marmalades

Fillings and sauces


Dried apricots

This product is mainly apricot dried in the sun. Through the drying process we get a juicy fruit and great flavor without losing the quality. With this we intend to take advantage of the properties of this fruit in off-season.

Uses and consumption



Jams and marmalades




Dried figs are one of the most delicious and flavored dried fruits of all this type of fruits. This fruit is sweet and tasty, you can also take advantage of all the properties and benefits figs have to help you maintain a healthy life.

Uses and consumption






Goji berries

Goji berries have countless nutritional advantages, as well as being very nutritious, fresh goji juice or berries help heal countless diseases.

Uses and consumption

Smoothies and milkshakes

Fruit Salads



Vegetable Rices


Property of dried fruits


Goji berries contain large doses of antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants destroy substances called free radicals. In the organism, antioxidants protect the genetic material, reinforce and increase the flexibility of the muscles, reduce the signs of aging, prevent diseases and reinforce the immune system.


They provide energy thanks to carbohydrates. This product contain different types of sugars, including glucose, fructose and sucrose, varying in quantity according to the species. Although figs are of high sugar content, also have a low glycemic index due to their other components such as fiber.


Apricot has a high number of vitamins and minerals: the concentration of potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, provitamin A, E, B1, B2 and B3 is 3 to 5 times greater than fresh fruits.


Ideal for strengthening muscles and the normal functioning of the nerves. Potassium helps improve the cardiovascular system, favouring the elimination of fluids and sodium.


Our products are extremely effective in treating constipation by having a large amount of insoluble fiber (cellulose).

Benefits for your health


Raisins are dried fruits that lower number of calories possess. Natural remedy against constipation. Raisins debug the organism and eliminate toxins. They're energy sources.

Sport and health

Dried fruits are very advantageous when doing any sporting activity, because our fruits provide a lot of energy and help to purify the organism and eliminate toxins.

Plums with energy

Plums have large amounts of carbohydrates, energy reserves in very little volume. Antioxidants, restore intestinal transit, diuretic, beneficial to the cardiovascular system. With Bactericidal properties.

Healthy and low in calories

Dried fruits provide lots of vitamins and iron, helping the metabolism to maintain a healthy life and a balanced diet.